On September 30, SMA 3 performs a cultural themed Gathapraya performance. There I followed the parade using kebaya, then around the bali field before finally arriving at Gathapraya.
After that I visited to visit the food stand with friends in Gathapraya because hungry and buy french fries, ice cream, milk etc.
In the afternoon I started standing in front of the stage because I was excited to see the appearance of HIVI, NIDJI, Elephant Kind and other guest star.
Before going to the top of the show there is the appearance of collaboration eskul that exist in SMA 3. Starting from theater, band, and angklung.
That night, my friends and I watched the performance of HIVI, which brought about 8 songs, although we were very excited to continue watching.
After the appearance of HIVI there was the appearance of NIDJI until 12 am but I did not watch it until the end because it was picked up. I left GATHAPRAYA at 11.30am and got home at 12.30am. This is a fun experience.

The place i want to go

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel and in my blog i will yo tell you about the place i want to go. The Sherlock museum is the place i want to go. The Sherlock Holmes museum is a museum that dedicated to the famous fictional detective,Sherlock Holmes. The museum is located in 221b, Baker Street, London UK, but actually the Sherlock Holmes museum is located between numbers 237 and 241. This change aims to match the location with the Sherlock Holmes novel.. It opened since 1990. This museum is open every day except Christmas day from 09.30am until 06.00pm.
Sherlock Holmes himself is a fictional detective character, created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He made a novel with the same title as the character, Sherlock Holmes in 1887. Sherlock holmes has also been made into a movie with the same title. This museum contains objects that relate to sherlock holmes. The atmosphere in this museum makes us feel back to london in the 18th century. Detective atmosphere is felt here. So, this museum mus…

What's your plan next holiday?

Hello guys!! .Welcome to my blog again .in this blog I will display conversation with my friend about plan next holiday .,i hope you enjoy read my blog :)).

Nadilla: "Hello guys !! Good morning.
Nisrina : "Hi nadilla !! Good morning.
Nadilla : "How are you ?? .It's a long time to see you.
Nisrina : "I'm fine ,how about you .Are we in here with Karin??"
Nadilla : "I'm fine too.Yes we are in here with Karin but Karin come late because traffic jam.

Suddenly Karin come  through the back.

Karin   : "Hello guys ,I'm sorry to come late"
Nadilla : "No problem because I also just a moment in here"
Karin   : "Bay the way ,do you have a plan next holiday ??"
Nadilla : "No i just stay in home and at the night I will go to theater to watch drama musical"
Karin    : "How about you Nisrina ,do you have plan??"
Nisrina : "I stay home too because my mom have a baby so I have not plan next       holiday.How about y…


It happens 6 years ago .I and my family go to Jakarta for holiday ,I am very excited for holiday . In Jakarta i and my family go to "Snow Bay" swimming pool .Snow Bay swimming pool is place for swimming have snow in the pool .It is make unique so when my family swim ,i start to play a snow.I play a snow very excited  because this play very crowded .In this place I not aware I lost with my family still official ask me "where is your family??" and then i aware ,my family is lost.I am afraid to see area around here and i begin to cry because i do not know what i do .Suddenly a official say " I can help you but i have terms" i answer "what is terms? " and the official reply "stop cry and tell about characteristic your family".And i tell about characteristic my family "my mom wear pink t-shirt, my father wear a black sunglasses
, my brother wear a hat and my twins wear a same t-shirt like me. Then the official understand explanation ch…


Rina : Hello, my name is Rina. Can i help you?
Adit : Sure, my name is Adit. I am lost in here, i separate with my group.
Rina : Why did it happen?
Adit : I'm just go to the toilet and my group suddenly was disappear.
Rina : What is characteristic your group?
Adit : My group is twenty four members, wear a black top and green t-shirt.
Rina : Oh, i see the around here.
Adit : Please find it me with them.
Rina : I see them at the fishpond.
Adit  : Where is the fishpond.
Rina : The fishpond was near the entrance. Now, let's go with me to find them.
Adit : OkThen Rina and Adit come at the fishpond. Them start finding Adit's group. Rina : Is that your group?
Adit : Yes, is that my group. Thank you very much for your help.
Rina : Your welcome. Nice to meet you.
Adit : Nice to meet you to.

About My Self

Welcome to my blog
Hello, everyone ...This is my first time to write a blog . I am very excited to write this blog, but I'm sorry if I blog is a fault because is my first time to write a blog.

In this blog, i want to tell you about my activity, my school, my friends, my family and sharing a hobby.First, i will introduce my self. My name is Nadilla Zulfa Huwaida, but you can call me Dilla.I was born in Bandung,28th January 2003.My age is 14 years old.I have three siblings, two sisters and one brother, but my sister and my brother live in Jakarta for work .

My hobby is read a novel, traveling and listening music, you and I will share about a novel and music if you can.Now I study in Senior High School 3, my clasroom is X MIPA 2 and I happy for study in this school.

Second, i want to tell you about my family.First of all, i want to tell about my father, my father is nice person because if I ask about my homework he always helps me.My father is retired because he is old, his age around 58…