Formal Invitation Letter 📬✉️

                                                                 SHS GLOBAL MANDIRI
                          VictoriaIII Street,567A (5829) •Phone(0891)226579 •Fax(1827)193939271

District  Public School
Chief history Teacher
District of  Kebayoran

Subject :An invitation for a Independence Day

Dear Mr.Ammurudin

It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that we are celebrating Independence Day at 07.39 a.m on August 17, the Global Mandiri Auditorium.Independence Day in Indonesia is a patriotic public holiday  to celebrate the foundation of Indonesia as an independent nation. It will held many games such as bakiak ,gobak sodor .etc. We shall consider it a great honour if you could grace the occasion as the Chief Guest, preside over the function and give away the prizes. Please accept our invitation and confirm your Attendance.
RSVP Rubi Rine Officer of Global Mandiri

Nadilla Z Pri…

Mossion and Dialogue Debate ⭐️

Mossion 1

Should ban-cigarettes from the society
Opening Goverment Cigarates contains do many dangerous and destroy body like cancer eyc. Cigrates can make we addict to consume it.
Opening Opposition People can usually use it if people stressed . People can cigarqtes at smoking area.
Opening Government 2 Smokers are divided to 2 groups : Active smokers (absolutely bad) Positive smokers (not directly cigarettes but they are affected by active smokers)
Opening Opposition 2 The government can provide an area smoking for smokers.
Closing Goverment The smoking area is not effective for solution because many smokers ban the rules and not conserve the environment.
Closing Opposition We just keep the rules and give some punishment to who someone break the rules.
Closing Government 2 97 billion dollars (the number is very expensive for smokes who buyed cigarettes.

Mossion 2
This House Would Not Use National Examination for Graduation Standard
Opening Government  We are not using computer for exam and for graduatio…

Offers & Suggestions ✨

F: Fawwazti N: Nadilla
N: Ah!! That was exhausting,do you think you can pass the minimum score? F: Honestly,no. But I’ve no worry though. N: By the way which college did you chose? F: I think I’ll go to UNJANI or MARANATA college N: Why did you choose private college? I think you shoul try the national ones. F: But i don’t think i’m able to pass the SBMPTN. N: Don’t think like that ,you shoul be more confident wit yourself. F: No, don’t compare me with you! You always get the first rank ,you can never understand what it feels like to be you N: Come on! How about I help you with your studies? F: Are you serious? But I’m so stupid N: No, youre’not. Have more confidence in yourself. Let’s study together F: Uhh,Okay... What about studying in my house tomorrow at 2 p.m
N: That’s good ide ,see you tomorrow than

VLOG : Edu Passion 2018

Hello guys ,so now i want to tell you about my activity in Edu Passion . Edu Passion is event in Senior High School 3 about college do you want to do. In Edu Passion I joined FK UNPAD and FK UGM because my future goals to be a doctor Aamiin

And I have made A video blog about it! Check it out !!

Now ,You can see my activity in Edu Passion . I hoped you enjoy and happy to see ir :))

Naskah Drama (Indonesia)

Announcement Excercise

Text 1
Elements of the Announcement Found/Not Found Details Opening Found HELLO GEORGETOWN
Contents Found Information about our women’s men’s and weddings & party collections and the introduction of our Ludlow Suit Shopincluding time/date/place specification Closing